Who and Why
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Membership Eligibility

Life Membership

            Click here for a list of current Life Members.

Regular Membership

All former & present members of the USCG having earned a permanent or temporary Cutterman Insignia.

Designated persons of other military services and foreign governments who have sailed on USCG cutters while involved in exchange programs between the USCG & their respective service or government.


Associate Membership

Any person not eligible for Regular Membership who, in the opinion of the Executive Board are supportive of the interest and goals of Coast Guard Cuttermen.


Honorary Membership

May be conferred upon any person designated by the Executive Board that demonstrates the exceptional qualities of a Coast Guard Cuttermen and deemed suitable to carry the title.



Membership Benefits

The benefits you get for joining the Cuttermen Association are:

  • Participation in professional organization

  • Subscription to a Quarterly newsletter

  • Participation in Annual Meeting

  • Information on National and Chapter* events

  • Participation in Local Chapter* events

  • Camaraderie within the community

  • Volunteer opportunities

  • Liaison with other professional associations

  • Networking opportunities

* Once Chapters are established