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News and Events
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HOT OFF THE PRESS!! -- Coasties Companion Guide to the Mariner's Licensing Program published by the Coast Guard Cuttermen's Association!

The Coast Guard Cuttermen's Association is proud to announce the first of hopefully a series of Cuttermen's Association sponsored publications intended to benefit our membership and their personal and professional education and advancement.

"A Coasties Companion Guide to the Mariner Licensing Process" (PDF document) was written by Coasties, for Coasties, to help overcome some of the real and perceived barriers that active and former Coast Guard members may have experienced in their pursuit of a Merchant Mariners Credential.

Enjoy and "Fair winds and following seas" for those of you navigating the licensing process.  We hope this guide helps!

EDITOR'S NOTE:  This specific guide is targeted toward deck licenses and endorsements and is most relevant to Boatswain Mates and Deck Watch Officers.  Hopefully someone else will take on the challenge on the engineering side...if someone out there wants to accept that challenge, please contact the Coast Guard Cuttermen's Association and we'll gladly help you get started and give you a place to publish!

DISCLAIMER:  While we are confident of the accuracy of the information that follows, it is an interpretation of large amounts of highly technical information that is subject to change over time.  If at any point you have any questions or just want to verify your understanding of something, you are strongly encouraged to visit the NMC website or call 1-888-IASKNMC.  Additionally, if anyone identifies any errors in this document, let us know so we can correct/update it appropriately.


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Shiphandling Contest

YORKTOWN, VIRGINIA – Seven competitors from three separate cutters faced off on Monday, January 10th, in the first annual Coast Guard Tidewater area shiphandling contest, the first of its kind for Coast Guard units in the Tidewater area. Participants came from various ranks and possessed a wide range of experience, ranging from months to years sailing aboard Coast Guard cutters.

Organized by the Coast Guard Cutter TAMPA and sponsored by the Coast Guard Cuttermen’s Association, the goal of the contest was to develop and refine shiphandling expertise, seamanship skills, and promote professional development. Inspired by similar exercises held by the U.S. Navy, the friendly competition brought together local Guardians while offering prize money towards the morale funds for the highest scoring units.

Competitors were judged on their command presence, judgment, use of commands, use of engine and rudders, and smartness during evolutions set up at the Army’s Ft. Eustis simulator. Evolutions included mooring to a pier and recovering a person overboard. In addition, each competitor’s knowledge of the Rules of the Road and maneuvering boards was tested as well. BMCM Stephen Atchley, Officer in Charge of the CGC Seahorse (WPB 87361), took first place winning $100 for his cutter’s morale fund courtesy of the Cuttermen’s Association. LTjg Nathan Wojcik of the CGC Tampa (WMEC 902) came in second place and secured a prize of $50. Both competitors and judges praised the event and hope for future competitions and events of this type.

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Upcoming Events

Short Term

09 Feb 2011 @ 1600 - Cuttermen's Call - Rock Bottom Brewery

Long Range

03 May 2011 - 1st Annual Convention - Washington D.C. area