Cutters Oldest Cutter Award
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Oldest Commissioned Cutter Award

This recognition was established to distinguish the Coast Guard Cutter that has served the fleet for the longest period of time.  The term "Commissioned Cutter" includes both commissioned and in service cutters as defined by Coast Guard Regulations.


Eligibility Requirements:

All "active, in commission"/"active, in service" Coast Guard cutters 65 feet and longer are eligible; this includes those cutters "in commission, special"/"in service, special." CGC EAGLE is specifically not eligible for recognition due to her special "historical" status.

The cutter with the earliest date of "active, in commission"/"active, in service" in the Coast Guard will be designated the "Oldest Commissioned Cutter".

The unit designated as the "Oldest Commissioned Cutter" shall hold that distinction until placed in the status of "inactive, pending placement out of commission"/"inactive, pending placement out of service." Major shipyard renovation periods, where a cutter is in a "Special" status, will not be subtracted from its accrued service time.



Commandant (CG-751) will determine the designee, which cutter will be authorized to display gold hull numbers in accordance with the Coatings and Color Manual, COMDTINST M10360 (Series). The award is a large bronze and wooden plaque, presented to the new recipient upon transfer of the award. The name of each cutter recipient and the date the award is bestowed will be engraved on the plaque. Since this recognition is a symbol of long service to the Coast Guard and our Nation, it is fitting that an appropriate ceremony be conducted as near the official date of succession as practicable.

A representative of the designated recipient shall be present at the ceremony, normally the decommissioning of the incumbent. Recognition of the "relief of the watch" should be part of the decommissioning ceremony; this can include the presentation of the award plaque. This information will be included in the Operating Facility Change Order (OFCO) of the incumbent, a copy of which shall be forwarded to the new recipient.