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Need a description or quote here - something that describes the essence/uniqueness of Cuttermen.

Cutterman Insignia

"The Cutterman's Insignia was instituted in 1974 to provide recognition for Coast Guard personnel who, in the tradition of professional mariners, have performed duties afloat in keeping with their grade and rate and who have endured the rigors and dangers of sea duty for a substantial period.

It signifies that they have exhibited the requisite professionalism and dedication to duty expected of seagoing Coast Guard personnel. The insignia is a visible means of recognizing their qualities and identifies the wearer as a professional mariner.

The design can be divided into three basic areas. Each is representative of a cutterman's special qualities. The wheel and the waves represent the heritage of the sea. The five point star represents five years of sea duty and the center, the shield, represents the Coast Guard and its seagoing tradition."

From plaque at Command and Operations School, USCG Academy

Famous Cuttermen

Hopley Yeaton

BMCM Donald H. Horsley

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Oral History

USCGC PAMLICO - oral history from Hurricane Katrina (transcript)

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