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Our Logo

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In the summer of 2010, we held a contest to determine an initial design for our logo.  MKC Jason Betzing submitted the winning design.  It was sent to Rob Green, a professional graphics artist and the owner of CutterAgent.  Rob worked with the Executive Board to polish the design.






Winning Submission from MKC Jason Betzing

The border is rope and chain, signifying the black and white hulls.  The anchor beneath the cutterman pin is the anchor from the revenue cutter service emblem.  The antique dolphins are a throwback to sailors of old and our heritage.  They signify the unknown fathoms of our forefathers, and the uncertainty and unpredictability of the sea and it's inherent danger.  I put them here because we have all lost shipmates and know well the danger we face when setting sail.  The ten stars denote the original 10 cutters.  The nav lights signify everything being energized and burning brightly, as we pass the watch to our future cuttermen.  Also, I think red on the right would be cool to also symbolize always returning home, (I know they're not buoy lights, but one has to be red, one green anyway, so why not?)  A commissioning pennant at the bottom.

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