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Founding Members

CAPT Perkins signing the By-Laws

After years of thinking and talking about it, a few Cuttermen got together and decided to finally make it happen.  On Wednesday 14 April 2010, the Coast Guard Cuttermen Association was created in a signing ceremony on the bridge of USCGC KENNEBEC, moored at the Washington D.C. fireboat pier.







These members did the initial work to establish the Association:

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CAPT Brian Perkins

CAPT Andy White (not pictured)

Mr. John Baker (not pictured)

LCDR Mike Davanzo

CDR Kevin Wirth

CDR Greg Tlapa

LCDR Holly Harrison

LCDR Rusty Dash

LCDR Greg Daughtry

LCDR Mike Ferebee

LT Chris Tuckey (not pictured)

LT Reyna Hernandez (not pictured)

MCPO Gregg "Roc" Della Rocco

CWO Gale Howerton, Commanding Officer USCGC KENNEBEC