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Appointed Board Members

These positions are appointed by the President, when deemed necessary, to implement the objectives and purposes of the Association.  The appointees serve at the discretion of the President, their terms normally coincide with the elected officers on the Executive Board.


History Committee -

Exercise supervision of historical research and archival procedures. He/she shall be pro-active in developing programs and procedures that effectively contribute to the enlargement and perpetuation of the history of Coast Guard Cuttermen and the recognition thereof, both internally and in areas external to the service.


Communications Committee - LCDR Steve Matadobra

Responsible for the formulation and implementation of the organization internal communications, external communications and the distribution of all pertinent information.


Museums, Restorations, and Artifacts Committee -

Maintain and develop relationships with such institutions and facilities capable of preserving and exhibiting Cutters and artifacts that will contribute to the preservation of the history of Coast Guard Cutters and Cuttermen. He/she will actively seek out Cutters, artifacts and material of historical significance. He/she will be proactive in the restoration and display of acquired Cutters and artifacts.


Sponsors, Donors, and Benefactors CommitteeMr. Brian Perkins

Formulate and sustain individual and corporate contributions and support for worthwhile projects and programs that further the objectives and purposes of the organization.


Annual Convention Committee - LT Eric Cooper and CDR John Wallington

Responsible for and supervise the site selection, agenda, planning activities, and lodging and food selection. He/she will maintain liaison with the sponsoring Afloat units or other agency to ensure adequate staffing and administration is available from the sponsoring agency. Liaison with Coast Guard Headquarters and other appropriate Coast Guard entities will also be initiated and maintained.


Member at Large -

A person well versed in current Coast Guard Cuttermen activities that shall carry out such duties as may be assigned by the President.


Newsletter Editor - CDR Kevin Wirth

Responsible for the editing and publication of the association’s periodic news letter. He/she shall also make extensive use of other publications to promote the Coast Guard and the Cuttermen Association.


Association Historian - Seeking assistance

Responsible for obtaining and the recording of historical data applicable to Coast Guard Cutters and Cuttermen. He/she shall maintain an active liaison and working relationship with Coast Guard Headquarters and Area Historians. He/she shall maintain an active working relationship with the Vice President of History. The Association Historian is responsible for maintaining a historical record of the association.


Temporary Special Committees

These positions were created by the Executive Board and will be included the upcoming By-Laws amendment proposal.


Election Committee - CDR Mike Cribbs

Responsible for organizing the nominations and overseeing the Board Member elections.


Membership Committee - Mr. Sean Mitchell

Responsible for organizing the recruitment of new members and working with the Communications Committee to promotion the Association.