About Us
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Association Objectives

1.  To actively contribute to the continuation and preservation of the history of Coast Guard Cuttermen and the recognition thereof.


2.  To support the goals and advancement of Coast Guard Cuttermen and to promote interest in the Coast Guard cutter community both internally and external to the service.


3.  To maintain an informational liaison between present and past Coast Guard Cuttermen and the operational fleet.


4.  To promote Interaction and camaraderie between all Coast Guard Cuttermen and supporters of the Coast Guard’s cutter fleet through periodic gatherings, fraternal in nature, both national and regional in scope.


5.  To provide an organizational common link for all past and present Cuttermen to strengthen the afloat community for present and future Cuttermen.


Association By-Laws

pdf icon Signed on 14 April 2010.



1.Increase awareness of the Cuttermen Association


2. Membership drive (both corporate and individual).


3. Support Local Chapter Initiatives


4. Prepare for 2nd Annual Convention

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